Psychological Parenting Rights in Colorado

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Psychological parenting refers to whoever looks after and loves a young child in their earliest years. The psychological parent can be an adoptive parent, foster parent or any other non-biological parent. Typically, the psychological parent is someone who is deeply rooted in the child’s everyday life and makes decisions for the child as a biological parent would.

As a psychological parent, obtaining certain parenting rights can be extremely difficult without the representation of a highly skilled Denver family law attorney. At Peek Family Law, LLC, your best interests always come first. Regardless of whether your case can be settled through negotiation or litigation, we are prepared to ensure that your rights are properly asserted every step of the way.

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What are your rights?

Colorado legislature recognizes the strong emotional bond that can be formed between children and adults who may not be their biological parent. In some cases, granting custody or frequent visitation is what is best for the child in cases of establishing psychological parenting rights. Non-biological parents will be granted parental rights and responsibilities if they cared for the child for six months or more.

Psychological parenting rights and responsibilities can include:

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The process of obtaining psychological parenting rights is riddled with many rules, regulations and exceptions and should not be faced without a skilled and experienced Denver family lawyer. Should you choose to hire us, you can expect representation that is driven, tenacious and thorough. At Peek Family Law, LLC, you will be treated as a priority because it is our privilege to advocate on your behalf – in and outside of the courtroom.

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