Grandparent Visitation Rights

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Under Colorado law, grandparents have the right to pursue visitation rights to see their grandchildren any time there is an open case that concerns the custody of the minor children. Although grandparents are afforded this right, many will experience difficulty when pursuing visitation rights to see their grandchildren, especially in cases in which there has been a highly disputed divorce. Our Denver family law attorneys can help bring legal action on behalf of grandparents in Denver to enforce their right to seek visitation and provide evidence that visitation is in the best interests of the child.

Grandparents can pursue a court order to seek visitation rights in the following instances:

  • When the marriage of the child has been declared invalid, dissolved, or has entered into a decree of legal separation
  • When the custody of the child has been given to another party other than the parents
  • When the child has been placed outside of and does not reside in the home of the parents, with the exception of adoption
  • When the child's parent has passed away

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