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For a variety of reasons, couples in Denver might wish to avoid the often-messy divorce process and choose to pursue legal separation instead. Legal separation is a good option for those who wish to end their marriage without ending many of the benefits that marriage grants you.

If you are seeking a legal separation from your spouse, turn to the experienced Denver divorce attorneys at Peek Family Law. Our entire team is fully dedicated to the rights and interests of our clients, and are committed to helping you resolve your case in the best possible manner for you and your family.

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Legal Separation vs. Divorce

There are many reasons why couples choose legal separation over divorce. Most commonly, it is to either protect certain benefits of marriage, or to avoid divorce on religious or moral grounds. The primary difference between the two is that in a divorce, the marriage will end completely. In a legal separation, the couples will still be considered married from a legal standpoint.

  • Other differences between separation and divorce include:
  • Separated parties cannot remarry
  • Separated parties maintain inheritance rights
  • Separated parties can receive military benefits
  • Separated parties may join spouse’s health care plan

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For some couples, legal separation is an end goal. For others, it is merely a stepping stone to a final dissolution of marriage. In your first meeting with Peek Family Law, our Denver family law attorneys will take the time to learn about you and your family’s unique needs. We can then work to craft a legal strategy which will help you take the steps to move forward with your life.

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Going into the process, I was very nervous because of everything that was at stake and the ‘less-than-stellar’ experiences I’d heard people had with their attorneys. But looking back now, there is no doubt I made the right decision in working with Sean. I can now put this behind me and just focus on being a dad!