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Family law matters can be challenging, especially when it seems that divorce is imminent. If you are facing a heated divorce, make sure you get the right legal team behind you today. At Peek Family Law, LLC, we have dedicated our practice to serving our clients. Whether you have a high value estate or are concerned about child custody matters, our firm is here to guide you through the process and help ensure your best interests are protected.

Our Denver divorce lawyer treats every client as a top priority. We truly believe that it is a privilege to serve our clients and do everything we can to maintain long-term relationships. You can count on us to provide driven, zealous, and passionate representation every step of the way.

Do I really need a lawyer for a contested divorce?

When two individuals can no longer enjoy life together or move forward as couple, it may be time to separate or file for divorce. In many cases, these individuals cannot avoid running into disputes and arguments. If you are getting a divorce, you may find it difficult to come to agreement with your spouse on serious matters such as who will get the home, where the children will live, and whether or not alimony is required. If you and your current spouse or partner are unable to work together on these matters, you will likely be dealing with a contested divorce.

While uncontested divorces are commonly resolved outside of the court between the two spouses, contested divorces are often left in the hands of the judge. This means your preferences on the important matters mentioned above will rely on how convincingly you present your case in court. Whereas uncontested divorces allow spouses to work together to craft an agreement, contested divorces require skillful legal representation to ensure a fair settlement is reached.

Without a divorce attorney in Denver by your side, you could left with an unfavorable outcome. When complex issues and large amounts of assets are involved, it becomes increasingly important to have a legal advocate by your side during divorce proceedings. These matters can take much longer to resolve than uncontested divorces, which is why you cannot afford to go without a legal representative who understands your goals and is ready to go the distance to protect your interests.

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Going into the process, I was very nervous because of everything that was at stake and the ‘less-than-stellar’ experiences I’d heard people had with their attorneys. But looking back now, there is no doubt I made the right decision in working with Sean. I can now put this behind me and just focus on being a dad!