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Despite common assumption, Colorado matrimonial law does not require or recognize that a couple must live together for an extended period of time in order to have a common law marriage. Living together for a long time may be a characteristic that can help a couple demonstrate their willingness to enter into a common law marriage and mutual agreement but it is not a requirement for common law marriage.

To enter into a common law marriage, the state of Colorado requires that couples must demonstrate and provide proof of the following:

  • Mutual consent to enter into a common law marriage as husband and wife
  • Representing to the general community that the husband and wife are a married couple
  • Cohabitation as a married couple

Establishing valid proof of an existing common law marriage may prove to be difficult. A court may consider the conduct of the couple, the duration of the cohabitation, joint tax returns or bank accounts, and the nature of their relationship to verify the existence of a common law marriage.

Terminating a Common Law Marriage

If a couple wishes to end their common law marriage, they must go through a divorce just like any other couple. Because a common law marriage is recognized by the state as a valid, legal marriage just like any other, the divorce must address the same issues involved in any divorce or dissolution. Couples terminating a common law marriage must come to an agreement on parental responsibility of their children, visitation time allocation, child support, and property distribution. Any future marriage of either spouse will be invalid if the common law marriage is not dissolved prior to the next marriage.

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