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Few things that are more frightening than losing your child custody rights or facing the reality that a former spouse has put your child in a dangerous situation. Family law matters involving children are incredibly complex legal issues, especially in situations involving very young children. If a case is not handled properly, many innocent children can harbor emotional and psychological trauma that can last for a lifetime. Don't risk your rights and your child's safety with a bad choice in legal representation.

If you need to petition or motion for abduction prevention measures, you must speak with a skilled family law attorney in Denver. We at Peek Family Law, LLC stay current with developments in the law and know how to guide you through every stage of your case. We know which measures or other orders are necessary to safeguard the best interests of your child or children.

Understanding the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act

Colorado's Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act (UCAPA) backs two separate acts, known as the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act and the federal Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act. The UCAPA allows the courts to impose measures that are specifically designed to prevent child abduction from either parents before, during, and after a court has issued a child custody decree.

  • According to Colorado's Revised Statutes 14-13.5-101, there are many ways that the courts can implement measures to prevent abduction, including:
  • Imposition of travel restrictions
  • Identification of the child's habitual residence
  • Detailed descriptions of each party's custody and visitation rights
  • Implementation of civil and criminal penalties for violations of visitation or custody
  • Prohibition of removing the child from any location without the permission of the court
  • Reviewing reasons for possible abduction, including previous attempts, threats of domestic abuse, stalking, activities of planned abduction, or dependency and neglect
  • Other considerations, including the age of the child, the potential harm to the child from abduction, the legal difficulties of returning the child if abducted

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We work swiftly to bring about a satisfactory result for the best possible value. Whether you have been accused of abducting your child or you suspect that a former spouse is going to abduct your children, we can be of assistance.

Our founding Denver family lawyer, Sean Peek, has a special empathy for children and has personally volunteered his time at Camp Casey, an organization that serves children with physical disabilities. He knows how to handle sensitive legal issues involving children and works hard to limit their legal exposure without compromising in his zealous pursuit for the best possible outcome for his client. We can provide the tenacious representation that is needed to protect your children and your parenting privileges.

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