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  • 4-Nov-2016

    Holiday Tips for Divorced Parents

    When your family has recently finished a divorce, you may find that the holidays become even more stressful than they would normally be. This can be particularly true for your children who will be learning to cope with celebrating these days with ...
  • 9-Jun-2016

    Colorado's Relocation Process Explained

    The twists and turns of life may cause one parent sharing custody of a child to wish to move to a community substantially further away, thus making it largely more inconvenient for the custody agreement as is to continue. When this is the case, each ...

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Going into the process, I was very nervous because of everything that was at stake and the ‘less-than-stellar’ experiences I’d heard people had with their attorneys. But looking back now, there is no doubt I made the right decision in working with Sean. I can now put this behind me and just focus on being a dad!